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Boulder Improv Collaborative
----- Current BIC Players -----

Brien Allen Brien Allen (BIC Instructor/Player) has been performing improv for seven years now, or only one year if he were a dog. He was a founding member of Fool Disclosure, performing short form improv for four years throughout the Fort Collins and Denver area, culminating with an invite to the Colorado Improv Festival in 2009. Brien likes sunsets, long walks on the beach, and candlelit dinners, and he hates clichés.
Mark Andreas Mark Andreas was a part of Stop Laughing improv comedy troupe for two years as an undergraduate. Then he put his improvising to the test working for a wilderness therapy program where kids were technically “at risk” whenever under his leadership. Mark's non-fiction book, Sweet Fruit From The Bitter Tree: 61 Stories Of Creative And Compassionate Ways Out Of Conflict, is an inspiring collection of true stories showing how people from around the world successfully improvised their way out of some very difficult and dangerous situations (available at the Boulder Bookstore).
Rebecca Bradford Rebecca Bradford (Producer/Emcee) is a graduate of Bovine Metropolis Theater's 27th class. She has studied with a number of improv instructors from around the country. Rebecca has been performing improv, hosting gatherings, and producing improv workshops for the past eight years. Rather than herd cats, she’s taken her natural, border-collie instincts and turned them to improvisers. Rebecca is thrilled to see one of her dreams come true: a downtown Boulder performance venue!
Grace Chang Grace Chang is a University of Texas graduate with the anti-improv degree of accounting. Having perfected being in control, she moved on to the unpredictable world of improv and that is her new addiction. She has studied at Madcap Theater, Eliot Street Collective and with various improv coaches from around the country. Grace enjoys having her husband cook and clean while she plays with her kids!
Todd Giammo Todd Giammo (Director/Player) is a 2005 graduate of improv acting at CSU and co-founder of Fool Disclosure. Fool Disclosure performed short-form improv from 2005–2009 in Fort Collins and Denver, and at the 2009 Colorado Improv Festival in Colorado Springs. While Todd appreciates just about all forms of improv he especially likes games involving physical comedy, singing, dunking one’s head underwater or mousetraps. When not performing, Todd enjoys brewing beer, movies, toys and spending time with his wife and best friend, Cheri.
Mark Labencki Mark Labencki (Director/Player) has been doing improv for 10 years, performing with Mile-Hilarity, Playground Mafia and the Boulder Improv Collaborative. His love of laughter was developed on Saturday morning cartoons and Saturday Night Live, hence he loves weekends. A wanderer by nature, he is neither lost nor uncertain... and if he becomes incoherent on stage, do not be alarmed -- it’s just Scottish.
Dayna Scott Dayna Scott only discovered the right side of her brain in her mid-20s! A debate geek throughout high school and college, she finally realized there was more to life than logic when she took a series of improv classes at the Flynn Center in Burlington, Vermont. At the turn of the millennium, she began performing with a long-form group, The Soapflakes, and founded and directed the See Why Improv Troupe for local teens. Now, she has landed in Colorado and is a performing member of Alpha Squad at the Bovine Metropolis and BIC right here in Boulder.
Barb Segal Barb Segal has always loved being in the limelight. Whether it is frequenting karaoke clubs and rocking out to Led Zeppelin or singing at various music jams around the area, music has always been her passion. Acting has always been a passion too, but was kept under the radar. Just like in the TV show "Girls Behaving Badly" Barb got a thrill out of being a jovial prankster to unsuspecting people around town, with always a laugh after the fact. About 6 years ago, after taking some improv workshops at the Boulder International Fringe Festival and then at Naropa University, she realized improv was a great outlet for her zany and extroverted personality.
Andrew Zimmer Andrew Zimmer has only been improving for a couple months, but he's been punning for years. An iPhone developer by day, when the sun sets, Andrew sprouts a new set of colors. Clumsy, bumbling and generally unpredictable, improv is the perfect fit!

----- BIC Players from Previous Shows -----

Tom Barr Tom Barr (BIC Instructor/Player) has been performing with BIC for over a year now, and really loves what improv has to offer. A Broomfield video and web professional by day, he relishes the time he spends with his fellow players. They have been training for like crazy, and he hopes you can laugh, cry, and get riveted to their performances as much as he does when he has the pleasure to watch them.
Melissa Dancy Melissa Dancy recently arrivied from NC. While she misses boiled peanuts and sweet drawn out expressions of "do what?" she is overjoyed to now call Colorado home. Melissa loves hanging out with her BIC friends living and laughing in (and at) the moment. When she is not doing improv she enjoys pondering great questions, having adventures and lighting christmas trees on fire.
Tasha Halevi Tasha Halevi has not learned to differentiate between improv on stage and day-to-day life - this leads to much chaos and laughter on a daily basis. She performed her first improv show in 1997 at the Livery Theater, where she stayed until 2000. From 2000-2004 she directed an improv team at the University of California, Davis where she also graduated with a Theater and Biology degree... not one, but two. She works in neither Theater, nor Biology. After a seven year break, Tasha has returned to continue improv with BIC.
John Joseph John Joseph discovered BIC after spending his entire life improvising without knowing it. He met BIC founder Rebecca Bradford at an improv workshop taught by Meredith Crosley, then ultimately joined BIC where he performed for the first time in September 2009. John graduated from CU Boulder in 2009 with a degree in International Affairs 30 years after dropping out of college the first time. Improv is teaching him to be more present in the moment and to really listen to other people.
Rosanne Kolodenko Rosanne Kolodenko claims that she has no particular talent, but loves to play and laugh, and invites you to laugh both with and at her. She performed in two of Turning the Wheel productions and in one unnamed, very strange show at the Dairy Center. Her one claim to fame is that for a short time, long ago, she was in an improv group in Chicago led by Del Close, who she only recently found out is famous as one of the founders of Second City.
Brendon Lemon Brendon Lemon began improvising as a child when explaining to teachers why he didn't have his homework. Beginning in 2000 he started studying improv through a high school club in Detroit, Michigan called Sketchy at Best. After two years of monthly performances, he began performing stand-up comedy at the legendary Comedy Castle. Because getting on stage and making people laugh is cheaper than psychotherapy, Brendon immediately began looking for a troupe to perform with after moving to Boulder in 2011. BIC seemed the natural outlet, as it's surrounded by laughter.
Nicole Lengen Nicole Lengen has built a fertile improv comedy background with a degree in Political Science, a career in consulting, a love of writing/ recording songs, and a fascination with outdoor activities. She performed as an actor in two Shoot Out Boulder 24-hour Filmmaking Festival films, both of which were selected in the top 10 and one of which won Best Comedy. Nicole has been involved with the Boulder Improv Collaborative for 5.37 years.
Corey Litwin Corey Litwin recently moved to Boulder from California with his wife and two boys. In a previous life, Corey studied and performed Improv at The Groundlings in Los Angeles and also appeared in several television shows and movies. He is currently writing a book called “Improv Your Sales” which is due out in 2012.
Debbie Nastro Debbie Nastro ’s insatiable, ravenous craving for improv began at a training seminar where an improv player showed how he incorporated improv into teaching and working with non-native English speakers. The room of 100 plus people went from tired and limp to roaring laughter in 10 minutes—she wanted in. After several classes at Bovine Metropolis Theater, Debbie is in the unofficial fan club of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and made a trek to Second City for a t-shirt. She traded in running marathons, playing marimba, tennis and French Scrabble for the joys of being a mother to twin boys!
Demetrius Parker, Sr. Demetrius "D" Parker, Sr. was Voted Northern Virginia Magazine’s 2009 Best Actor in Northern VA, and began his career with modeling at age 16. Since then, he's appeared in 4 major movies, television shows, commercials, webisodes and has over 40 independent movie appearances and has enjoyed success behind the scenes as a director, casting director, and producer of both film and music. Easily found on Google and IMDB, Demetrius is also the director of the Improvisational troupe “Murder Upon Request of Colorado.”
Jay Simon Jay Simon has been doing improv since before he was born- since leaving the womb he has blundered his way through the world of serendipity, finally landing in the lap of the Boulder Improv Collaborative. Thanks to BIC, Jay has found a channel by which to express his love of all things ridiculous. Isn't that special?
Max Swartz Max Swartz is mostly tall, but also jewish, and sometimes wears cashmere sweaters to seduce dinner guests into back massages. Would you like to give Max a back massage? How about a head rub? If you answered neither, he's just as happy to get your attention on stage. Max has been improvising for two years now and plays in Denver at the Voodoo Lounge with SuperBaby, Makeshift Shakespeare, Hit and Run, and Dinner Detective. He learned the trade at Bovine Metropolis and plays there with On the Spot.
Carrie White Carrie White graduated from Boston College, where she first began improv with the CCE. While with the CCE she played both short form and long form, and performed at ImprovBoston. She recently moved to Boulder and began taking classes at the Bovine Metropolis in Denver. She also performs at the Bovine with Alpha Squad. She is super excited to have found a group of fun improvisers in Boulder and is looking forward to performing with BIC!
Mike Ziemkiewicz Mike Ziemkiewicz is a proud member of the Bovine Metropolis’ 39th graduating class, the Cluster Yuks. Since then, improv has taken him to many strange and wonderful places both on stage and off. This provides a nice contrast to his other life as a chemical physicist, which largely takes place in a lab filled with shiny metal, flashing lights, and loud noises. Mike has been playing with the BIC for about a year now, but this is his first time performing with this great group of people.
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