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Improv is the art of spontaneous and honest interactions between players. Boulder Improv believes the skills of improv are applicable in every aspect of life, from the stage and street to the office and home.

A Joyful Exploration

Our Mission is to build an improv community by spreading the joy, creativity and passion of improv theater throughout Boulder County. Boulder Improv creates regular opportunities for individuals to experience, learn, practice, and perform improv with players of all abilities.

Simply put, we love improv and Boulder County. And nothing
makes us happier than bringing improv to our home turf.

See our calendar and join us
at and register.

Love for Boulder Improv Collaborative

Genuine heartfelt and tingly

Thoughtful, honest, caring feedback that correlated; it was presented perfectly; tough, tender love also with that genuine heartfelt praise that had us glowing and tingly.

—Scott Tibbitts

Make new friends and play hard

Improv is a powerful and fun tool. It’s a great way to make new friends, play hard. I love the opportunity to stretch and grow. To learn more about myself and get out of my own way—out of my head.

—Leslie Staller